What Inspires You?


By Jessica Dunn 


We would like to congratulate Lenis Pereira-Ortiz, on his piece “Brainiac”, chosen as the winner of the first student artwork-featured UConn ECE Magazine cover. To Lenis and the judges, his piece represents inspiration. The theme –Inspiration– was chosen because we are continuously inspired by the UConn ECE Community, and the high quality education and dedication exhibited by all Students, Instructors, Site Representatives, high school administrators, and Faculty Coordinators. This unique opportunity for UConn ECE Students proved to be a challenge for them and encouraged creativity, out-of-the box thinking, and self-reflection. With over 15 entries submitted by UConn ECE Digital Media & Design (DMD 1000) and Drawing I (ART 1030) Students, from CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, Glastonbury High School, Immaculate High School, and Windsor High School, it was very difficult to choose a winner. A committee of UConn faculty and staff judged all entries, which included illustrations, pencil drawings, paintings, collages, photography, mixed media, and digital formats. Each piece revealed what inspiration meant to the student, and what inspired them as an individual.


The Winter 2020 magazine is our 4th edition of the magazine and is produced in both digital (magazine.ece.uconn.edu) format and hard copy. Congratulations to Lenis, Madison, and Jonathan. Your schools will be receiving a framed copy of your piece for their trophy


WINNER: Lenis M. Pereira-Ortiz

Description/Summary of the artwork: For my piece “Brainiac”, I wanted to convey a different perspective with my general interpretation of what inspiration is. Designing this involved taking elements associated with the theme and incorporating each of it’s attributes to create cohesive yet whimsical composition. With the reaction of the wind-up teeth being ‘powered’ up by the brain, resulting in the creation of ideas floating in a pool of imagination.

Madison Rayne Thomas

Description: Based on the prompt “Inspiration”, this is a digital drawing of the things that inspire me as an artist and aspiring animator. The items exploding out of the head are all the things that inspire me like Pixar, Disney, music, animals, writing, painting, and romance.


Jonathan Chester Pohorylo

Description: Several buildings are depicted in my drawing that are around the UCONN campus that are special to me because of their potential to inspire and create education and learning within the different departments. The buildings themselves were an interesting subject matter to draw. I photographed them while on campus and then did the drawing.