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UConn’s Neag School Set to Offer Four UConn Courses through ECE in Education

UConn’s Neag School of Education, consistently ranked as one of the top 20 public graduate schools of education in the nation, recently piloted several education courses and next year will offer courses in multiple high schools across Connecticut...


UConn ECE Student Ambassador Summer Plans

Each year, enthusiastic UConn ECE Student Ambassadors assist in the marketing and administration of the UConn ECE program at their high school, support their fellow students and Site Representative, and create a more seamless college experience for all. This year they helped support the UConn ECE...


News to Know

Alumni, student, instructor, and faculty coordinator updates, as well as events (English Summer Institute, Marine Science Symposium, and Chemeistry Day) and other news to know, including UConn ECE NACEP reaccredidation and the upcoming Concurrent Enrollment Review (CER).


UConn ECE Student Scholarship Winners

UConn Early College Experience recognized 6 outstanding UConn ECE Students this year, awarding each a $500 scholarship, which can be used at any institution. Winners are high school seniors, who have taken or are currently taking at least one UConn Early College Experience course and have excelled in the area in which they submitted their project.


Wallace Stevens Poetry Contest Winners

“Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight” is a phrase commonly synonymous with the 1973 reggae song “Get Up, Stand Up” by Bob Marley and The Wailers, and it serves as inspiration for turning one’s spirit into action. For a poet, this action can be crafting lines of poetry. As my fellow judges, Julia Brush and Daniel Healy,


UConn ECE Professional Recognition Awards

The presentation of the 18th annual UConn Early College Experience Professional Recognition Awards, celebrating outstanding teachers and administrators, was successfully celebrated in a hybrid format this year. On April 28th, UConn ECE Staff, award winners, and their guests enjoyed a casual yet celebratory evening of appetizers, mingling, and collegiality


Welcoming One of Our Own: Christopher Todd Named New Director

The Office of Early College Programs and the UConn ECE Community is excited to officially welcome Christopher Todd, as our new Executive Director of OECP/ECE. With nearly 20 years in public education, Chris comes to UConn as a practitioner with extensive...


UConn ECE Magazine Cover Submissions

Cover/first place: Anthony Fiore, High School in the Community
United, Together, Forever, Strong

Runner up: Laila Bakhshalizadeh, Griswold High School
Three figures sitting down representing a few different perspectives in the United States


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Get up, Stand up, Don't Give up the Fight

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UConn ECE Magazine, Director's Thoughts

Welcome to the 2022 summer edition of the UConn Early College Experience (UConn ECE) Magazine. This season’s theme; “Get Up, Stand Up” couldn’t be more appropriate as the magazine looks to highlight the incredible efforts and successes across our ECE Community this academic year. Written by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, “Get Up, Stand Up” was released on The Wailers’ 1973 album Burnin’ and continues today to serve as a powerful call to action and reminder of our own abilities to affect change.


In an academic year that began with a hope for the return to normalcy, many of us found ourselves quickly realizing that this school year would be one of the most challenging of our careers. The hope for normalcy quickly deteriorated into a reality plagued by significant staffing challenges, inconsistent guidance, and feelings of inadequate support and resources. However, despite these challenges and throughout it all, members of the ECE Community consistently found ways to rise above to ensure student success. Each of you provided the leadership and collegial support needed to maintain academic integrity and standards. Each of you stood up to become a safe haven of consistency, support, empowerment and dare we say normalcy, for our students across the state when they have needed it most in their lives. Regardless of the setting or modality, you continued to support and inspire students all the while building their capacity for future success. To our incredible ECE students and families, we are in awe of your tenacity to find success in all that you do. Your compassion for others and commitment to academic achievement leave us inspired daily. Your advocacy for not just a better tomorrow, but a better today, pushes each of us to be reflective and cognizant of our own efforts to support your visions of success.


Across the UConn ECE community, evidence of exceptional efforts on the behalf of students, and as importantly by students, highlight the commitment, dedication and passion we all bring to this work. We are excited that this magazine edition highlights and recognizes various award recipients, scholarship winners and student ambassadors. Articles are also reflective of efforts for continued growth on behalf of our students as the UConn ECE team is excited to share news of expanded course offerings, NACEP Reaccreditation and the return of the Pre-College Summer program to campus this past July.


On behalf of the UConn ECE staff, thank you for all that you do to support educators and students across the state, and we hope you enjoy reading. Most importantly we wish you all a restful and restorative summer break!

Christopher M. Todd
Executive Director

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