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The summer is upon us, and for many in the UConn ECE Community of Instructors, Administrators, and Faculty Coordinators, we can finally relax after a long and productive academic year. We hope you are enjoying your break and feeding the mind, body, and soul. For the staff of Pre-College Summer (the other definitive half of the Office of Early College Programs), however, they are in full swing as they open the doors of UConn to approximately 450 high school students who are exploring an academic major and/or career path through our hands-on non­credit academic program. It is an exciting time for the students as well as the staff who have been planning all year for these four weeks of programming. While you soak in the summer (and soon the fall), we hope you can find time to thumb through the Summer Issue of the UConn ECE Magazine. You will notice that it is also a little more relaxed than the Winter Issue, while still highlighting the energy, successes, and celebrations that marked the end of the academic year.




Brian A. Boecherer


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