We have a Summer in Storrs for You


A Premier Summer Program for High School Students


by Melanie Banks & Nella Quasnitschka


UConn Pre-College Summer provides high school students the opportunity to live and learn at a nationally ranked public university campus through four challenging and intensive one-week sessions. At Pre-College Summer, part of our mission is to provide an exploratory experience in which students gain an understanding of the college classroom. Students work with and learn from University faculty while exploring the nuances of college life. Interacting with peers in the residence halls and faculty in the classroom provide students the opportunity to create individual successes. We consider a student successful in Pre-College Summer if they use the opportunity to learn more about their future aspirations, find that the course they enrolled in is a good (or bad) fit to pursue as a potential college major, or feel better prepared for learning and growing in a college or university setting.


Through supportive and caring faculty members, our students are able to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment while attending Pre-College Summer. This relates to students' readiness to learn in a college setting and the ability to see how their passions may transform into a college major. Dr. Kimberly Bergendahl, Assistant Professor in Residence from the Political Science Department and Pre-College Summer faculty of the Pre-Law course, has had wonderful experiences with Pre-College Summer students, both during and after their time at UConn Pre-College Summer. Dr. Bergendahl has connected with students during their time in the program and is currently working with a former PCS student, now a UConn honors student, studying political science and conducting undergraduate research. This continued collaboration is an example of how our faculty members can foster incredibly transformative learning experiences through the Pre-College Summer Program that help students build connections and guide them toward a path to success.


Interested in joining us? Join our mailing list at pcs.uconn.edu to learn more. Summer 2020 applications will open in December, 2019.


Student Feedback


by Katiya P., PSC student, Doral, Florida


It was an easy decision for me and my family. After reviewing the curriculum for the Pre-Vet program, the campus environment and the access to Avery Point for the lab and dissection, we were convinced we were making the right choice. UConn promised a hands on experience and they delivered. There were hands on experiences at the Avery Campus almost every day.


The well-structured schedule worked will for me! It started with a healthy breakfast with other students from around the country. Each day I attended lectures on medical and animal topics. On select days, a comfy bus took us to Avery Point where we would discuss topics, perform labs. Perform dissections and interact with marine animals in their environment all while enjoying each other and the experience. At the end of the day we enjoyed a variety of dinner choices and an array of activities to suit everyone’s social needs. I loved the choice of activities and the game room!


My advice is what I told myself before I left the program. Don’t be afraid to try new things, to lead a discussion, or to attend a program far from home. By pushing my boundaries and comfort zone in the subject I love, I was able to participate in a program that was rewarding and life changing!