UConn ECE Undergoes NACEP Reaccreditation in 2013

UConn ECE program will be undergoing reaccreditation with NACEP (National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships) during 2013. All of our materials will be submitted by July 31, 2013, but the earliest that reaccreditation would be awarded is April 2014.
NACEP reaccreditation is a self study based on NACEP standards (see www.nacep.org), which UConn ECE instructors and partner high schools are familiar with to a great extent. Our application will follow a well-defined protocol of evidence for each standard, and will undergo a peer review by a NACEP-appointed review team. Our ECE faculty coordinators will assist in providing essential evidence for many of the standards, but our administrative team also keeps documentation annually in compliance with the standards. It is possible that some of our instructors in the high schools will be asked to provide specific evidence in support of our application, but this will done on a timely basis. Director Gillian Thorne and
Associate Director Brian A. Boecherer have both served on peer review accreditation teams for other programs, which is helpful now that we are going through the process ourselves.
We are proud of our affiliation with NACEP. The reaccreditation process is quite valuable in developing, shaping, and refining credible and accountable academically rigorous concurrent enrollment programs.