NACEP Re-Accreditation – An Editorial Not a Description



By Brian Boecherer


By the time you read this article, the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) Re-accreditation application will have been submitted. Almost 900-pages of paired syllabi, assignments, statements of equivalency, analysis, documentation, and testimony from the four-corners of the program and the highest levels of the University. This has been my third time engaging in NACEP accreditation, with my first time in 2006 when UConn Early College Experience entered into its modern renaissance. When you complete a task as big as accreditation it feels important in many ways. No matter how experienced you are in the program, after leading an accreditation effort, you feel more knowledgeable than ever before. You have synthesized huge volumes of information, have lead many professionals in a very detailed way, and have created and edited hundreds of documents until you feel they are perfect. You are ready to lead the next chapter of the program, because you see how complete some areas are and where new opportunities should develop.


NACEP accreditation makes me very proud. Not only because we have the status of third-party review, but because our program shines in ways that few other programs do in the nation. As you have heard time and time again, UConn ECE is the oldest concurrent enrollment program in the nation. It is also really one of the best too. We are seen by others as an ivy league in terms of concurrent enrollment. Like the character of every person, our collective and constant efforts make us who we are. We are passionate and dedicated. We work hard and value the fruits of our labor. We care. This is not only true around accreditation time; it is true every year, all the time.


I remember when I started with the program full-time in 2005 (having really started with the program in 1999) and setting the development plan for the office through a process of visiting all the high schools in the program to learn what we did well and where we needed to improve. The high schools and the departments—our great community—put the issues on the table and we ran with them. NACEP was an important part of that story, because it helped us set goals, meet them, and then we aspired to surpass them. The drive to surpass them is part of our character and we should all be very proud to be part of that story.


As the director and the curator of the NACEP application, I know our re-accreditation package will be well-received. I also know that it took a community to create. It is the UConn ECE Community that creates the program, the accreditation package is a recording of your fine work. Thank you for all that you do, I am proud to be a part of this inspiring community.