Disconnecting in a Connected Society




Nicole Bartlett

Southington High School

LLAS 1190: Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean


When I need to disconnect from a connected society I spend time volunteering at my local dog pound. I have been a volunteer at the Wolcott Dog Pound for the past 8 years. I enjoy working fundraising events, fostering dogs, and meeting the everyday needs of those dogs who have entered the pound. They have been abused, abandoned and neglected. My goal is to help them trust again, be their voice, and find their forever home.



Olivia Olbrias

Windham Technical High School

HIST 1502: United States History Since 1877


In today’s society we are frequently stuck to our computers because of online classes. After a long day of sitting at my laptop I like to get outside and disconnect for a bit, I tie up my skates and play some music and get active! My picture represents disconnecting by showing a healthy activity that needs no technology at all!



Min Silva

Ledyard High School

ANSC 1602: Behavior and Training of Domestic Animals


To disconnect from society, I like to ride horses and take in the calmness that they give off.



Alexa Davidson

Sacred Heart Academy

FREN 3250: Global Culture I


My favorite way to disconnect from technology is by taking my dog on hikes. It is a fun and enjoyable way to spend some time in nature and bond with my fluffy friend!



Cam Begley

Suffield High School

NRE 1000E: Environmental Science


Hiking is a great way to unplug from phones, TVs, and even other people. Instead, you can see, feel, and appreciate the natural beauty of our planet… and it’s that much better barefoot! This picture is of me at the top of Croagh Patrick mountain in Ireland; I climbed it barefoot to participate in the tradition of making a centuries-old pilgrimage to the summit.



Isabella Maglio

Plainfield High School

AMST 1201: Seminar in American Studies


This photo represents disconnecting in a connected society because nature photography is my escape. There is so many beautiful things that the world offers if we were just to take a break from social media and take it all in!