New Student Scholarships Introduced

By Wendi Richardson
UConn Early College Experience is pleased to announce three new student scholarships to be awarded in May 2017.
Scholarships will be given for: Excellence in Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences (2 awards); Excellence
in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (2 awards); and Civic and Community Engagement
(1 award) Students competing for the excellence awards must demonstrate academic achievement and a potential for future academic and professional accomplishments in their chosen field. Qualified applicants for the Civic and Community Engagement Award must demonstrate ambition and self-drive evidenced by outstanding achievement in both school and their community. All applicants must have taken or be currently taking at least one UConn Early College Experience course.
Award recipients will receive a certificate of accomplishment along with a $500 monetary award to use
towards post-secondary education expenses. Awards will be presented by UConn ECE staff at the student’s high school award event.
Applications for the new scholarships will be accepted from February 15, 2017- March 30, 2017. Scholarship details and application requirements can be found at: