UConn ECE Surpasses 2013-14 Enrollment Record

In the 2013-14 academic year, UConn Early College Experience hit what we thought might be an enrollment plateau. We reached the record high of 10,000 students enrolled in ECE courses. We then faced the challenge of decreasing overall high school populations, and the new and unfamiliar online Compass registration system was launched. Taking these challenges into account, we were satisfied with only a slight dip in enrollments for the 2014-15 year, bringing in over 9,800 students.
Not ones to rest on our laurels, our 2015 strategic plan looked at ways to continue to grow our program faced with the challenges at hand. The quest became two-fold. First, we sought to rebuild relationships and recoup enrollments lost by the transition to online registration. UConn ECE staff members made dozens of “house calls” this registration season to assist schools and students that were struggling with the new process. The second strategy was to grow course offerings by expanding existing programs, and by bringing new school partners into the ECE family.
The strategy worked! The 2015-16 academic year saw a record 10,812 students enroll in UConn ECE
courses. Many schools have increased enrollments due a higher comfort level with the online registration system while other schools have added new courses. We also have seventeen new or returning high schools offering ECE courses this year.
With more and more focus on the benefits of dual and concurrent enrollment at the state and national level, we will continue to expand our relationships and make process improvements to insure continued
growth and success for students for years to come.