French Immersion Day and Quiz Bowl Competition

by Alissa Lancia, UConn Class of ‘18
On November 5, 2015, UConn Early College Experience held this year’s French Immersion Day and Quiz Bowl Competition. We enjoyed the company of Cheshire High School, Coventry High School, Glastonbury High School, Portland High School, RHAM High School, Southington High School, and Terryville High School ECE French students as they competed for Quiz Bowl Champion. Taking home first place in this year’s Quiz Bowl Competition was RHAM High School, followed by Portland High School in second place, and Cheshire High School in third place. The competition put the knowledge of the French ECE students to the test, but they all performed well and showed their love for the course. Congratulations to all participants for taking on the challenge of French Quiz Bowl broadening your French expertise.